A Definitive Guide to

Lean Ecommerce

Oliver Munro

Lean ecommerce is a business strategy designed to maximise productivity, minimise operational costs, and give your customers the best possible value for their dollar.

In this guide, one of our clients, Oliver Munro, breaks down how you can implement lean thinking into your Shopify business strategy. He'll walk you through the entire process of building a successful Shopify store from the ground up, and cover all the steps you need to turn products into profits without breaking the bank.

Lean Ecommerce:

Building a Sustainable Shopify Business

When I built my first store, Bucket Hats NZ, in July 2022, I had zero retail experience.

I’m a copywriter, so I knew how to market a product and build a brand. And I’d been writing content for the ecommerce industry for over a year.

Wellwhy not give it a go?

So I did, and after six months, I was in the green. BHNZ had become a profitable business, bringing in consistent daily sales. Now I’m passing on my knowledge. 

This guide is designed to teach you how to start your own scalable Shopify store using the exact methods I used. We’ll cover the entire process of building a profitable ecommerce store from the ground up. 

First, here’s how I launched my ecommerce store with almost no upfront investment...


A Beginner’s Guide to Cash Flow Forecasting | Wise Advice
Product Research:

Finding a Profitable Niche

If you’re new to ecommerce, it can be tough deciding what to sell.

What makes a product profitable? How do you know if people will even buy it?

Once you know what to look for, product research becomes an exciting process. You’ll soon start seeing potential products to sell everywhere you go. 

Let’s dive in...


Sourcing Reliable Ecommerce Suppliers
Finding Suppliers:

Sourcing Reliable Ecommerce Suppliers

Suppliers, also called vendors, are the people or organisations that sell the goods and services you need to run your business.

In ecommerce, you may need to deal with several types of suppliers on any given day. This makes it crucial you learn how to identify and work with reliable suppliers before diving headfirst into sales.


Getting Started Creating Your First Shopify Product-2
Getting Started: 

Creating Your First Shopify Product

Okay, so you know what you want to sell. Now it’s time to build your Shopify store.
Before you start, you’ll need three things:
  • Business bank account
  • Website domain (& email address)
  • Shopify plan
Building Your Shopify Store-1
Store Configuration: 

Building Your Shopify Store (3-Step Guide)

You’ve found some products, made a Shopify account, and listed your first product.
Great. Now it’s time to set up the rest of your store. This involves creating several key web pages that all ecommerce websites should feature.

Branding & Design-1
The Key of Lean Ecommerce:

Branding & Design for Shopify

At the heart of Lean Ecommerce is what we call an MVP: your Minimum Viable Product.
A Minimum Viable Product is the earliest possible iteration of a product that provides enough customer value to make sales and get feedback.

Why do you need to know this?


Shopify Product Page Optimisation-1
Essential Product Page Elements:

Shopify Product Page Optimisation

Maximize your Shopify success with product descriptions.

Dive into compelling copywriting, impactful product photography, and the crucial role of conversion rate optimization.

There are specific rules, formulas, and tactics grounded in psychology that help us sell more products with words.


Cash Flow & Accounting for Shopify Sellers-1
Ecommerce Accounting Tips:

Cash Flow & Accounting for Shopify Sellers

As a new Shopify seller, it's tempting to ignore finances until sales are made. But delaying accounting and tax tasks can lead to legal issues and financial roadblocks.

The remedy? Proactively handle these responsibilities from the start for a smooth business journey.


How to Fulfil Shopify Orders (4 practical methods)-1
How to Fulfil Shopify Orders:

4 Practical Methods

Optimal Shopify order fulfilment ensures a great customer experience and high profits. Here are 4 practical fulfilment methods for Shopify merchants. 


Shopify Growth Checklist
Preparing Your Growth Strategy

Shopify Growth Checklist

Growth is every new Shopify merchant’s big objective.
We all want to increase sales, build brand awareness, and establish customer loyalty.
But not all growth is good growth.

How to Fulfil Shopify Orders (4 practical methods)-1
7 Ways to Improve 

Shopify Order Fulfilment Efficiency

Fulfilment optimisation is essential for healthy business growth and brand reputation. If you fail to deliver orders on time, accurately, and in full, your customers will start talking. And it won’t be good things they’re saying...

How to Deliver an Excellent Shopify Customer Service Experience
How to Deliver 

Excellent Ecommerce Customer Service

Why customer service is vital for ecommerce success?

Here's a checklist of key factors for excellent service and 3 tips to take it to the next level. 

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