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Government Support for Businesses

  • COVID-19 Wage Subsidy
  • Resurgence Support
  • Leave Support Scheme (LSS)
  • Short-Term Absence Payment (STAP)

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2nd stimulus

Further relief for SME

  • Temporary Tax loss carry-back scheme
  • Changes to tax loss continuity rules
  • Further business consultancy support
  • Flexibility in tax obligations
  • Support for commercial tenants and landlords


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How to work out the wages subsidy and staff pay during the Easter holiday?


Paying staff during the public holiday is usually complicated so being in the lockdown and having different scenarios for different businesses makes it even harder. you can find some the answers in our knowledgebase 


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wages calculator

How to pay your staff during the lockdown?


On the eve of our ‘lockdown’ period, many of you are wondering about the way the wage subsidy will work when you must endeavour to keep your employees with a minimum of 80% of normal pay.


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Mortgage Holidays, SME loans and Tax clarifications 


  • 6 month mortgage holiday for affected mortgage holders 
  • Non Secure loan up to $500k for businesses with turnover between $250k and $80 mil
  • Wage and leave subsidies are not taxable


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Govt Stimulus update 


Government announced we are now at  COV19 level 3 and preparing to move to level 4 in 48 hours, that means

  • Non-essential businesses must close or work from home
  • All events and gatherings must be cancelled
  • Schools will only open for children of essential workers. They will close completely when we move to Level 4
  • Workplaces must implement alternative working with everyone who can to work from home
  • No discretionary domestic air travel between regions
  • Public transport for people undertaking essential services and transport of freight only
  • Here is the list of essential services
How to apply for NZ Government Stimulus Package towrds COVID-19

Govt Stimulus Package 


We have put together the Covid-19 – Financial Assistance Package Factsheet that you can download from here.

Also, you can find the application form below:

- Sole trader application form 

- Employer application form 

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Working from home Guidelines

All the tools and advice you need for your staff to work from home

The latest government announcement means you need to close the office and ask staff to work from home.  You can find the policy templates and all the tools you need in this article.

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Watching a video could be easier to understand...   

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How to research your business idea 


If you are wondering, how can market research help you to start your business, and what are the things that you need do research, then here is your answer given by Sandra Crosby from Crozline Consulting.

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What do you need when purchasing a business?


Key elements to being ready to purchase from Stephen Robertson.

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How to Improve your Business Process


There are 6 Common Mistakes business owners tend to make, but you can avoid them... 

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Should you lease or buy equipment?

Your options regarding leasing or buying depend upon the nature of your particular business, but there are nevertheless a few guidelines you can follow to help you decide what you should do.

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3 ways to improve cashflow


3 simple ways to improve your cashflow by optimising your invoice, if you need an invoice template, download it here.

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Deductible Expenses

If you are planning on starting a small business – are you confident about what you can deduct from your business expenses to arrive at a net profit (or loss)?  

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