Fulfill your eCommerce profit potential 

with BeProfit


Keeping track of all eCommerce expenses and costs is a complicated matter, making it nearly impossible to calculate a store’s true net profit in real time.

BeProfit helps eCommerce managers get a comprehensive view of their true profit in real time and reach a new level of financial mastery, right out of the box; the platform uncovers what’s eating their margins and provides a detailed breakdown of business expenses, allowing to constantly identify profit drivers and pitfalls at a glance.

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Accurate overview of your profits

Precise profit analysis that helps you dig deeper into your business's financial performance. Utilize cutting-edge cohort analysis for deep-level insights on customer lifetime value (LTV) and marketing performance, use UTM attribution to pinpoint ROAS & conversion rates per platform, and identify your best-selling and most profitable products​.


Easy Data Access

You can use BeProfit anywhere, anytime, whether on desktop or mobile device. Collaborate with your teammates on your shared workspace in real time, schedule custom reports and have them emailed directly to you, and access a wealth of tool tips and knowledge-base articles to make the most of the app's features​



Full Customizability

With BeProfit, you can fully customize your dashboard to your liking. Set your profit calculation preferences, enter variable and fixed expenses, create and export custom data reports, build new shipping profiles, and edit or add all of your store’s data to your liking.


Multiple Shops & Data Sources

BeProfit allows you to manage multiple shops and data sources simultaneously. Connect all your shops to get an aggregated view of your business performance, and easily integrate with your online platforms for automatic data pulling


Seamless Integrations

BeProfit auto-syncs with top ad platforms (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, Bing), and syncs expenses with Google sheets, CSV, or using API. This feature ensures you get up-to-date reports on eCommerce COGS, shipping costs, processing fees, and more without manual data input​



Attribution Tracking Tools

With BeProfit's UTM-based tracking, you can analyze and optimize all your traffic, including social media platforms, online ads, email campaigns, affiliates, and influencers. A combination of auto-matching and manual tagging allows you to track cost per order and advanced revenue-based metrics​


Curious How BeProfit Can Help Your Business?

Book a free demo with our expert now to see it with real-time data.

Our Partnership


At Wise Advice, we continuously strive to provide the best resources and tools to help our clients achieve your business goals

Our partnership with BeProfit underscores our dedication to providing the best tools and services to our clients, further enhancing the value of our accounting services. We believe this partnership will provide you with the tools and insights needed to maximize your ecommerce profits and drive your business growth. 

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