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Creating a payroll from A to Z

You can gather work and leave details from your staff’s mobile applications straight to the timesheets and assign managers to approve them.

Or if you have only a couple of employees and you can easily add working hours and leaves to their timesheets yourself.

You can ask us to do that for you. Send us the excel sheet specialized for time importing and we will take care of the rest for you!


Staff Payment

By completing a few extra forms, you can use the automatic staff payment service.

After payroll is approved, we will send you a smart payment link and will take care of your staff payment from our trust account.


PAYE tax and other deductions

  • We send you a report for your PAYE tax;
  • We file and pay IRD on your behalf;
  • We will deal with IRD correspondence on your behalf.

Any time you need reports, like

  • Leave reports;
  • Earnings reports;
  • Customized reports- All available when you need them.

Staff changes

We can make these changes on your behalf - just send us the details and leave the rest to us.

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